The Etowah Recipe for Success: Size, Location, Access and Workforce

Featured in Trade & Industry Development - May/June 2018 Edition, Pages 62-63

Little Canoe Creek Megasite Takes Center Stage for Development

Located in beautiful northeast Alabama, Etowah County is the twelfth most densely populated county in Alabama. This growing region provides easy access to two international airports, local commercial air service, interstate access, and a Class 1 rail system from Norfolk Southern that runs to the port of Mobile. The high concentration of automotive manufacturers and proximity to aerospace facilities make it ideal for those industries, as well as metalworking and food processing.

Named for the Cherokee term for “edible tree,” Etowah County was established on December 1st, 1868, by a state constitutional convention. With 535 square miles of land and 14 square miles of water, it is the smallest county in Alabama by square miles, but it boasts one of the highest population densities in the state.

It is also home to the largest megasite in North Alabama, Little Canoe Creek Certified AdvantageSite. The industrial development site is ready for any industry and will provide growth opportunities for not only foreign industries, but local ones as well.

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