Targeted Sectors - Reading This Data


Our Laborshed:

The Etowah County labor shed within a one-hour commute includes a 16-county area surrounding Etowah County. This area contains a total population of 1,200,000.

How to Read This Data:

The company and labor data for this sector are derived from our labor shed area, as defined above.

The data points are presented several ways:

  1. The number of companies supporting a given sector in our labor shed, stated as an empirical value.
  2. A comparison of the numbers of these companies in our labor shed vs the US average, stated as a percentage.
  3. Skilled labor (SICS) supporting a given sector in our labor shed, stated as an empirical value.
  4. A comparison of the numbers of skilled laborers by skill classification in our labor shed vs the US average, stated as a percentage.
  5. Growth occupations in our labor shed over a given number of years, stated as a percentage.

This data is provided by the University of Southern Mississippi's Economic Development Research Center.

Whether smelting, alloying, or fabricating, the Etowah region’s metalworking industry is experienced and growing. Working in conjunction with the processing and automotive industries, metalworking is an essential industry. With approximately 300% more skilled metalworkers and 500% more metalworking companies, Etowah County is ready to help you forge something new.

Metalworking Companies in our Laborshed

Metalworking Companies vs US Average

Skilled Labor in our Laborshed

Skilled Labor Vs US Average

Growth Occupations

Regional Metalworking Companies

Motion Industries

  • Distributor of industrial parts
  • Market leader in power transmission and motors
  • Deals in both online part retailing and more specialized solutions

United Tool & Mold

  • Leading provider of engineering and repair services in the plastic injection and blow molding industries
  • Works with both global and local suppliers
  • Offers engineering, repair, laser welding and other services

Prince Metal Stamping

  • US division of Narmco, a multinational group of metalworking and engineering companies
  • Produces body floor stampings, oil pans, fuel tanks, straps and assemblies

RJ Corman Railroad Company

  • Privately owned railroad service and shortline operating company
  • Handles railroad construction, track material logistics, signal design and construction, locomotive design and construction, and more

Meeks Metal Works

  • Family-owned metal fabricating business that was started 35 years ago.
  • After a local chicken grower inquired about a system to help with mortality removal, a monorail system known as the Chicken Truck was designed.
  • Meeks Metal Works continues to provide and install this system for growers all across the Southeastern United States.

Southern Metalworks, Inc.

  • Provides a wide range of metal fabrication and machining.
  • Offers the highest standards in machine repairs, metal fabrication, industrial and residential maintenance, and welding.


Gadsden State Community College

  • Offers 2 Welding Degree programs, with intermediate and advanced training
  • Awards certificates in Welding Technology and Pipe Tube Welding.
  • Offers the Precision Machining Program as both a certificate and an Associate in Applied Science Degree.
  • An average of 50 students in this field graduate annually

Etowah County Career Technical Center

  • All programs at the Etowah County Career Tech Center are business/industry certified by the Alabama State Department of Education or by private certifying agencies. The trade and industry programs have articulation agreements with all community colleges in Alabama, in which program completers may receive free college credit toward a degree for skills they learned in high school. Many program completers receive scholarships to colleges or technical institutes for continued training and are assisted in future job placement.
  • Programs at Etowah County Career Technical Center include Engineering Design, Electrical Technology, Electronics Technology, Automotive Technology, Precision Machining, Welding, Collision Repair, Construction Technology, Early Childhood Education, and Health Science.

Wallace State Community College

  • Offers 2 Tool & Mechanics Degrees
  • Offers 1 Welding Degree
  • Includes programs for Machine Tool and Die, Computer Numerical Control, Injection Mold Technology, and Polymer Specialists
  • Students learn to operate all machinist's hand tools and machine tools, such as lathes, drill presses, milling machines, graphics programming and more
  • Covers machinery utilizing metal cutting tools, lasers, water jets, and electrified wires
  • An average of 34 students graduate annually in Welding and Metalworking


Other metalworking programs in the state, more than an hour from the site:

Bevill State Community College

  • 2 Welding and Metalworking Degree programs
  • Issues both long and short-term welding certificates
  • The Hamilton Campus houses a Computer Numerical Control (CNC) Wire Electrtical Discharge Machine (EDM)
    • Allows training in CNC milling machines, CNC lathes, and CNC wire EDM
  • Offers training for a computer automated manufacturing software package
  • An average of 32 students graduate annually in Welding and Metalworking

Calhoun Community College

  • Offers a Welding Degree and several Industrial Tool Programs
    • Includes Manual Machining, Precision Inspection, Computer Numerical Control Turning, and more
  • Offers specialized training in mathematics, print reading, physics, measuring instruments, cutting tools, and machine tools
  • Certified by the National Institute for Metalworking Skills, Inc

Southern Union State Community College

  • 3 Welding and Metalworking Degree programs
  • An average of 45 students graduate annually in Welding and Metalworking

Tuskegee University

  • 1 Welding and Metalworking Degree programs
  • An average of 15 students graduate annually in Welding and Metalworking